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/24/2011 directly. But the cassette deck takes care of all the details when recording audio. So make data into audio.

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Then one day my friend Jen asked if I could hack a laser tape measure for her laser harps. 'I can do that! How hard can it be?'. The answer is obvious. The following tutorial is a lesson in how to hack, how to document, and hitting walls. The Arduino TX/RX and a GPIO is connected to the breadboard. The logic analyzer is just outside the

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You can find the MaxSonar code by Bruce Allen in the Arduino playground, along with some additional notes and functions. Create a new sketch, copy or type the code into it, and save it with a memorable name, Test this with a tape measure and make adjustments to the code if you find discrepancies.

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Interfacing Arduino to C64's tape port. Ask Question 8. 2 I'm working on a project where i'm using my Arduino to stream TAP tape data files from my PC to the C64. The software side of the project is going well however i'm still new to electronics and i don't like to fry my Commodore. So i need hardware interfacing help actually.

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The Arduino Due is the first Arduino board based on a 32-bit ARM core microcontroller. With 54 digital input/output pins, 12 analog inputs, it is the perfect board for powerful larger scale Arduino projects.


Arduino for tape



Arduino for tape

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MSX – Arduino as Tape Drive (CASDuino) Either way, grab an Arduino and a nice case to house it in. Punch holes where required and mount it all in place with hot glue. LCD. This was a quick solder and plug-in. VCC and GND to the Arduino. SDA and SDL to analog pins A4 and A5. Make sure you have the daughterboard on the correct way around.

Arduino for tape

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EL WIRE/TAPE/PANEL (13) FEATHER (183) HACKS (49) INTERNET OF THINGS - IOT (168) LCDS DISPLAYS (186) LEDS (367) MAKER BUSINESS (34) MICRO:BIT (11) MICROCONTROLLERS (330) For longer strips requiring more than 1A, wire power directly to the strip, then run power and ground wires back to the Arduino.

Arduino for tape

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Capacitive Sensing Library by Paul Badger Download. Download CapacitiveSensor04. zip. This updated CapacitiveSensor version 05 adds support for Arduino Due and other non-AVR boards. Overview. The capacitiveSensor library turns two or more Arduino pins into a capacitive sensor, which can sense the electrical capacitance of the human body.

Arduino for tape

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The Arduino starter kit was designed to be a companion to the Arduino For Beginners book. The kit includes the following components that are needed in order to build the circuits for 10 of the projects.

Arduino for tape

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Arduino for tape

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ArduinoでいうとanalogWriteを使えばできますが、全部で6ピンしか使えないので、 R+G+B、R+G+Bの2粒分で使い切ってしまいます。 そこで今回のテープLEDは、Neopixelという種類のLEDを …

Arduino for tape

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On the Arduino Due, both the main serial interface (USB) and the Serial1 interface (pins 18/19) can be used simultaneously. Data sent to each serial device (including the ACR tape) can be captured and replayed in up to 256 files which are kept in the Arduino's local storage (EEPROM or FLASH).